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    Picture of 16Kg Pail Chinook Icemelt - No CH-16

    16Kg Pail Chinook Icemelt - No CH-16

    Contains calcium chloride - the best ice melter ingredient - best combination of speed and duration in ice melting Generates heat and brine quickly for a synergistic effect to make other ingredients perform better and improves effective temperature of Chinook to -33°C (-27°F) Safe to use: Calcium chloride is used extensively in the environment by highways departments for de-icing and dust control (gravel roads); it is also used as a fertilizer in agriculture, and as a food additive - a safe and proven ingredient Environmentally inert blue marker shows where product is applied and reduces incidence of over-application Dye is water-soluble and UV sensitive - leaves no colour residue on concrete or flooring Chinook will not harm vegetation, properly air-entrained concrete or pets when used as directed
    Picture of 4 Pc Fly Tape - No P050020
    Picture of 40In Tree Skirt - No 33672
    Picture of 500Gm Add-A-Scoop - No 365

    500Gm Add-A-Scoop - No 365

    •Easy to use. •Eliminates all foul odours. •100% Biodegradable. •Natural Cherry Fragrance. •Quick dissolving. •Non-staining blue dye. •Breaks down waste/tissues. •Prevents clogging. •Septic safe. •Speeds up the natural process of “good” aerobic bacterial action with oxygen and preventing “bad” anaerobic bacterial action that produces hydrogen sulphide gas “the smell, the stink and the odour”.